“Origin” being the second book in the series of twelve that follows the lives and subsequent death of six they are all unaware of there deaths and their connection of being part of the Seven Archangels from many millinuem ago. “The Loathing” introduces these characters to the reader and there begins the supernatural story of The Six and the journey they must take to fulfill the prophecy. The reader is taken on this journey with the Six and discover that all good and evil are relative. Book Three ” Bound” will be available in Spring of 2014. The Six are now stronger and Promise and Lili are no longer innocent children.

7 thoughts on “Synopsis

    1. hahahha! Funny you should say that, I just read a Yahoo article about the little actor that portrayed the little demon in the Omen. He’s well and choose a different profession. Thanks for reading!

  1. I read Origin first. Like the big print. I still have to read The Loathing. I think it’s interesting but I’m not sure about the plot.

  2. Just downloaded your book. It was nice to meet you. I look forward to reading the book. We met in the Houston Airport.

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