On Air

On Air!!!

Listen to your FAVORITE author tackle the “HOT” button and social issues facing us in 2015.  From sports and local news to the biggest crisis’ we are experiencing today.  You can listen to Yvette Araujo on any of your favorite radio stations online or on air! Thank you for all your SUPPORT!

Biz Talk Radio Network, with Frankie Boyer

Friday 24 April. Time  8:30A.M ET, 11:30A.M  PST.

Current Topic: Are Sports Figures Good Role Models for Today’s Youth?

Dave Richards with WPTK

Thursday 21 May. Time 10:30 A.M EST, 07:30 A.M PST.

Current topic: Mom Who Smacked Rioting Son a Hero?

WPTK AM 850, Raleigh, NC. WPTF 50 KW sister station.

Host Dave Richards.

Yvette Araujo
Yvette Araujo

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