Seven Archangels, who live as humans unaware of their heavenly identities, suffer shocking fates and are thrust into the battle between good and evil. The fate of mankind rests in their hands but they have forgotten their centuries of knowledge and skills. They resent the re-training they must endure and the responsibility for the fate of the world that they did not ask for.

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They walk the earth they once knew well but their human lives have been wiped out as if they never existed. They now live as supernatural beings that must learn to fight for the future of the world, until their memories and abilities return. They must re-learn mind speak, transporting, shape shifting, time travel, and unity power. They soon remember what they are up against when evil matches their powers in unbelievable battles of mind and force. But will they be strong enough to fight their brother, the fallen angel, and the four Horsemen of Apocalypse who have awakened and rage with war, pestilence, famine and death toward the annihilation of the world? Can the Angels meet the heavenly challenge to save mankind, or will the forces of evil win and the prophecy of destruction prevail?
December’s Inspiration
Fallen’s Strength
As we get set and forge our way into 2023. Let the scars be your incredible and Beautiful armor as you discover new paths and adventures. #Truth #Thrive #Warriors #Blessed #Bravery #Faith
Ann: Cancer Survivor
Cancer Survivor
May’s Inspiration

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  1. Because I was a fan of the TV series before the books I was anxious to get my hands on the books. I’ve not been disappointed and am anxiously awaiting the next one and the next and….

  2. The book transported you into the shoes of of the characters as they go through life. Could not put the book down, a must read!

  3. Really like the premise of the story. I don’t quite understand where it is headed. I like the characters, but sometimes had to go back to read again their story.

  4. It took me almost a year to get the book The Loathing, I am not into horror books. It wasn’t that at all. It had some interesting views on history, I will be interested how the book will continue.

  5. Who cares what people think (referring to your Quirky page)? People are always looking for the bad. Good news still has a place, at least that’s what I look for. Good luck. I am reading the book.

    Oh! Why do you chew ice?

  6. Read and enjoyed both books. Liked the way Origin filled in the blanks with the Prologue. Good work by author Araujo.

  7. Thanks for the copy of hour book, I like supernatural stuff. It was nice to meet you. Good luck on your tour. Thanks for selecting our hotel.

  8. Will there be a third book? I was wondering if you got your inspiration from left behind? Some elements are similar, but this novel is not very religious. Was this purposeful?

  9. Hey, Signorina will you ever get to Canada on a book tour? Be nice to see you up here. Too bad you didn’t stop on your way to Alaska. Vancouver is beautiful this time of year.


  10. Dear Yvette,
    Fancy meeting you like meant to be this morning, holding our fates forth like spreading wings. I want to read about your seven angels who return to ancient ways so as to find the way ahead. I am happy to meet you, like me, a writer, and very impressed by what I have already read.on your website. Some of my music is written for muse angels. I have known a few.

    1. Dear Chaz,
      Your music is wonderful. Piano just beautiful. Thank you for introducing me to your amazing talent. Please stay intouch.
      I hope both our angels inspire.

      So glad we met…


  11. The books are amazing! As a fan of the TV series, the book series just feeds my hunger for the story. I cannot wait for more to come!

  12. Yvette is an excellent writer. Kudos to you and your awesome book series. I will be recommending these books to my friends.

  13. I remember the tv series. And now I got a chance to get both books. Everything is just awesome! I can’t wait for the next book and I hope the tv series will be back soon.

    1. Yes both books are available on kindle. If you are unable to find them please contact us through kindle and we will resolve your issue. We thank you for your interest! Go you and our fans! Have a great week

  14. Such a wonderfully talented writer. I loved the first two books and I can’t wait for the third book. Yvette is such a blessing.

  15. This was available as a TV series? Is it on youtube? Can anybody please contact me and let me know. What was the name of this? When it was on TV?

    1. Thank you so much for the support! Your words are empowering and inspiring. Thank you for you generosity. Have a blessed Easter!

  16. Hello Yvette,
    It was a real pleasure to meet you this morning. I feel honored that you did some of your writing here at my Santa Paula Inn. Here is my poem I promised to send you.
    I would love to hear more about your work and will definitely check out writing.
    It was really great meeting you today! Have a fantastic New Year!


    Peace is power.
    Peace is war.
    The sacrifice is real.
    Its our unconsciousness.
    Our ambivalence.
    Our apathy.

    The war for peace,
    Is, and will be forever waged.
    The dense power of the interior,
    Where the battlefield is laid out.
    In extreme precision,

    Armour, bullets, and soldiers.
    The protection at all cost.
    The clarity to stay the course.
    Pawns like seconds, on a clock.

    Sacrificed or redeemed.
    How tight the line.
    Not a moment hither or thither.
    All of it, right here.

    Expectations and imaginations.
    Flaws and imperfections.
    Drop the concept of peace,
    Allow yourself to fully be released.

    Here upon the marble beyond compare,
    Peace reigns everywhere.
    It is in the substratum.
    It is in the upper atmosphere.

    But the most difficult thing by far,
    Is loving who we are, exactly as we are.
    Our rejection of ourselves,
    Has left us battle scarred,

    And made to feel less than.
    But if in the stillness of
    Raw vulnerability and brute honesty,
    We open our eyes,

    We will not help but realize,
    The unconsciousness which we have
    Attached ourselves to,
    Has nothing to do,

    With the peace inside, me or you.
    Ours this time to sing a verse to the divine.
    To be so utterly entwined,
    Losing at last the grip, of yours and mine.

    Atul Ranchod

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