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Welcome to OpenDiary.

This is a place where it is possible to stay anonymous about events and people in your life that have affected your experience, whether successfully or damaging.

We don’t all begin with good fortune from the day we are born. Perhaps this is what sculpts us to lead different paths. This is a place where both dark and light can be shared with others. Perhaps the light can lead the way from what plagues your heart, spirit and life. It is time to release without shame; having faith that life does go on. Time to understand there are others who share your experiences and/or shortcomings. Others who can empathize and give a shoulder or ear to listen to your experiences. I am one of those people. I have developed these pages with the grandest of hope that you will feel safe here and will share the good, the bad, the ugly; no matter your culture, social economic background, religion, sexual orientation. Hurt is hurt. Good is good. Experiences are experiences.

Here’s a sneak peek at our newest installment.  To view more stories like these please visit OPEN DIARY SHARE STORIES 

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