Origin: A Prologue

THE FALL It began in the First World where He in His dominion created the Angels. These entities were very powerful; possessing supernatural energies and penetrating physical beauty. Eight of these angels were a collective group that banded together and enjoyed their reign throughout His Kingdom. They wanted for nothing for they understood that they were His perfect creations. Being His creations, they possessed gifts of clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis and shapeshifting amongst others. The band of eight angels were: Morningstar, Gotian, Celon, Kozin, Petra, Zane, Tomee and Pazul. They were creatures created without navels, without conscience, gender or free will. They were translucent in appearance with wing spans as great as the range of the mountains. These entities were strong and all was well within the Kingdom. One day, as humans would understand to be a day measured in time, Morningstar approached Him and asked if he could be at His side in the dominion. After all, he, Morningstar, was the most beautiful of all the angels. Morningstar’s request was not looked upon favorably and greatly displeased Him. A thousand years passed and during these years the impatience, arrogance and anger within Morningstar grew with intensity. Morningstar appealed to the others to band together before Him and protest the rejection of his request. The others were cautious and feared his power, vanity and plot to create an alternate dominion. Morningstar again pleaded with Him and was denied the position to share in the rule of the great dominion. Morningstar was warned of plotting to go against this decision and command. This made Morningstar more determined to create his own kingdom. The seven angels were in the shadows listening to the argument between Him and Morningstar. The seven later met with Morningstar to try to convince him that his ideas were fearful and would cause great disturbance if he continued his plight. Morningstar nodded as though in favor with the angels’ advice but he had plans of his own. First Morningstar tried to enlist Gotian, an angel of higher station in the kingdom. He tried to appeal to Gotian’s strength and beauty, telling him that together they could rule this dominion and have all power. Gotian became enraged and began to battle with Morningstar. Dark thunder booms could be heard throughout the spheres. Morningstar then went to Pazul, Kozin and Celon and asked them to join him in his defection from the Dominion. Tomee’ overheard Morningstar’s campaign and told Him, of Morningstar’s plans. A large rippling was heard throughout the universe as the ears of He burned with rage. Morningstar and Zane were entwined physically and discussing Morningstar’s plans and how they could rule the spheres together. As they were discussing their plans, a hostile entity entered and Morningstar and Zane were torn apart. Zane watched as Morningstar’s beauty transformed into The Red Beast. Eyes that once glowed with brilliance, turned black and hollow and devoid of the light. Morningstar disappeared and was immediately delivered on his knees before Him. Morningstar tried to stand but could not rise. In a language only known to the angels, Morningstar was told that the name Morningstar would never be spoken again, and would be forgotten by all. Morningstar, once an angel of amazing beauty, became a stone figure that fell to ash. The ash was cast down from the spheres. The name given to Morningstar thereafter was Lucifer the Unclean. Twelve gates arose and each was made of precious elements. Six Guardians of the Twelve Gates were assigned to protect these gates, and the First World was destroyed.

8 thoughts on “Origin: A Prologue

  1. I am not sure if this is a religious or nonreligious book. Either way, it reads well and I enjoyed it.

    1. it’s neither. Just…the “what if” theory. Hope you enjoyed the two books, keep following the series! Thank you for support of the books, and this story.

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