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Yvette Araujo Book Origin 

She  is blessed with two “Brilliant” children.  She is a breast and cervical cancer survivor.  She has a long standing fondness for the arts, dancing, literature, and theater.  Born of Cuban/Sicilian heritage while her grandfather born in Kleve, Germany.  She speaks three different languages (Spanish, French, Dutch).  Raised in the Nederlands and later returned to the States to complete her formal education.  After finalizing her education, she began counseling adolescence with conduct disorders/offense-specific.  It was at that point in her career that she began to write fictional and supernatural novels.

She lives between Europe and the States.  Her third novel “Androgyny”,  a continuation of “Fallen” the Book series,  will be available winter 2014.    She enjoys being single and is very happy, enjoying her children’s advancements in Medicine and Engineering.  Having tried “Match.com” once (“Horror.com”), she has decided she is not a match for ANYONE.COM.  Her many talents have caused the word “chameleon” to be associated with her many interests and passions. She is still standing.  Fearless. She would have to be because she has failed more than succeeded, but she keeps trying.  There is always a lesson to be learned and she never regrets anything.  She understands that “Not trying is failure in itself”.  She remains a very private person and respect the privacy of others.  Her family remains her steadfast focus and her legacy.

Things Enigmatic and Quirky About Yvette Araujo

Yvette W_Red Stripes Cons

℘      Host for My Ventura TV 

℘     “House of Boug” Distributed!!!

℘     Newest Project: “Room 8” 

℘     Loves, Loves, Loves Fluers! (Nuff Said).
     Avid sports watcher with her Son. (Go Pistons, U of M, and Patriots!  and yes its been a tough few years).
     Drinks only “Smart Water”… God I hope it’s working.
     Has had a one and only heartbreak in her lifetime.  Mending is and was the tough stuff.
     Addicted to Horror movies, 48 hours I.D., Madam Secretary and How To Get A Way With Murder.
     Loves a rainy Sunday.
     Chews “Ice” constantly … Whaattt!
     Plays one on one with her 6’2 son … You can figure out the rest.
     Adores her daughter “Peachy”
     Fiery Temper
     Closeted Romantic
     Would love to be an actress in an Action/Adventure film.  Hope springs …
     Appreciates her dark hair is beginning to silver.
     Favourite classic movies: Mildred Pierce, Imitation of life, Enchanted Cottage, The Children’s                   Hour, Gaslight.
     Favourite Colour: Green
     One and only best friend: “Red”
     Philanthropist at heart and to the community.
     Once worked at CCX (a trucking company), drove a truck for two weeks (No one was hurt in                     this road experience).  
     Has a big ♥
     Recently learned to let the wind blow in her hair … A “love” taught her it was “Okay”, She                 will always be grateful to him for that.  Messy hair is sexy hair
     Loves the Red Wings!
     Loves skydiving: Last jump four years ago
     Smoked Marijuana once at University, Sophomore year … Made her sleepy, wheres the fun? Yawn
     Her first name is “Eunice”, shhhhhh!
     Favourite days of the week: Sunday and Wednesday
     Writes her novels longhand first (old school), then transfers manuscripts to laptop
     Ran track and field in Havo/Highschool 220 relay, and the 110 low hurdles, which earned her state championship medals and trophies, which led to a partial scholarship to University.

    Won Miss Congeniality and second runner-up in the Miss Michigan Pageant.      

     Favourite person of humanity: Audrey Hepburn.

    Third-runner up in the Miss Black Velvet Whiskey Contest many “moonshines” ago.

     Favourite Authors: James Patterson

     Has learned over the years that forgiving your shortcomings is more difficult than forgiving others.

     Began a weekly talk show in 2002, Sister Blvd. where there was moderate success, on the Pax and WB networks that was later bought out by The Hallmark Network with Sister Blvd ultimately being canceled.

     Learned the art of listening    

℘      CEO of Trinity Films Productions

℘      Thinks people should practice good hygiene before entering an elevator!

℘      Favourite Peanuts character is Schroeder


Yvette Araujo




15 thoughts on “Yvette Araujo

    1. We are working on it! I thought it would be sooooo easy. takes a lot of work and time set aside. Keep watching for updates. I am looking forward to it! Thanks for support!

  1. Hi Yvette, we met last year in Vegas. Glad to see your second book is published. My daughter is reading it. She loves this stuff. Hope to see more.

  2. Hi Yvette, hope your tour is going well. It was great to meet you at a signing. Who is your influence for this type of book?

  3. Hi Ms. Araujo, I was wondering if you are looking for a editor or a assistant. I have a resume I can send you if you are interested. I like you books and would like to meet you and talk about your story. Thanks, Lisa

  4. Yvette, you are just so beautiful inside and out. I love the book series. It just displays how talented and blessed you truly are. I hope the rest of the series is coming soon.

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